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Testimonials of our students of Online TESOL Courses


The 60 hour online TEFL course covered all of the major topics that a teacher entering the field of TEFL would need to succeed in the classroom and become an effective educator. The material was presented in an easy to understand format and the suggestions from my online tutor were very helpful. Mohichehra Aleandra, Philippines

I had a very nice time and felt that we were given ample time to complete everything. Also, I received help to find a job which is really appreciated. Lynn Hoper, USA

While searching through the many online TEFL programs available, I found several promising programs that were internationally accredited. The reason I enrolled with TEFL International TEFL Education because it was one of the few that offered 60+ 60 hours of Foundation and Advanced TEFL course material, and I knew the program would be challenging as well as rewarding. Having completed the Online TEFL Course, I would recommend it to anyone looking for a quality online program that is accepted worldwide. The program certainly delivered on what I was looking for. Another plus was the high-quality tutoring. My mentor Cheryl was always prompt with her detailed and thorough feedback on course assignments. In addition, she was a valuable source for teaching ideas and teaching suggestions. Thank you,TEFL International TEFL Education! I look forward to accepting the challenges and rewards of teaching English as a foreign language. Stasia Ellsworth, U.K

The TEFL International TEFL Education Certificate course has met my expectations above and beyond what I initially set for the course. I am confident I can teach an ESL class successfully." Rakesh Sharma, India

"This course is fantastic! If someone is seriously interested in TESOL, I think they should really invest their time and money to do this course." Frank Ragas, France

Overall the Advanced TESOL course was very informative and good. the basic principles on teaching were covered and many new ideas was taught. I enjoyed the course very much and all the resources and information provided as well. The support provided by your centre is fantastic and I would particularly like to send a special thanks to Susan for her constructive feedback and generous comments. Koi Song , China

I thoroughly enjoyed taking the online course. It allowed me to work at my own pace and time. The feedback from the friendly tutors was prompt and moreover extremely helpful! I know that I and the students that I teach will benefit greatly from the knowledge I gained. Thank you so much! It's been great fun! Ms Jake Ong, Philippines
I was truly delighted to see my TESOL certificate and the grade that has been awarded. You have done a grand job designing the training programme and I cannot praise you more highly. It has been the most wonderful learning experience for me, uplifting and totally stimulating." Ankita Agarwal,India
"I really enjoyed the TEFL International TEFL Education online course. Completing the assignments and the lesson plans was fun. I moved to Japan and got a job within the first two weeks of arriving. I now work for a huge language school and am loving every minute!! I use my TEFL International TEFL Education manual on a daily basis to remind myself of such things as grammar points or for planning something fun for the students."
- Lindsay Scon ,Canada, Teaching English in Japan

I realize I've learned a great deal about the learning environment from this course. Now I have some learned of how much repetition is necessary for vocabulary, grammar, or to "hear" the language. Also, I'd never thought about creating the kind of stimulating context in which to present material that Anticipation provides. I've gained a lot of ideas about creative ways to present this material and provide the repetition. This course covered deep background and underpinnings I'd simply never thought of or known about. Ideal for an inexperienced person like me. Thanks TITE. Pook, Thailand

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