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Special Offers – Teach English in China, South Korea & Thailand


TEFL Education Online Certification Program, packed with current technologies is promising enough to bring out the creativity and enthusiasm in a promising ESL teacher by making one prepared to teach students of any age group. The program is designed to give you a general guide to the theoretical approaches of TESOL and presents the Methodologies of TESOL in the most lucid way possible. Upon the successful completion of the Online TESOL Certification Program, students are entitled to receive guaranteed ESL job placement in China, South Korea and Thailand.

Learn new skills, save money and experience wonderfully diverse cultures by teaching in 3 different Asian countries, China, South Korea & Thailand.


Korea “The land of morning calm” one of the fastest growing economies in the world today, is comparatively a new destination for ESL teachers all over the world. The ESL/EFL jobs here are some of the best in the world brimming with numerous opportunities for the entry-level teachers.

Modern China has a genuine need for ESL teachers. Over the last few years, there has been a remarkable mushrooming of private language institutes and companies. The rising emphasis on education at all levels means availability of many teaching jobs abroad at all levels.

Thailand is a popular, all time favorite destination for ESL teachers who are interested in gaining a valuable cultural experience. To be considered for English teaching jobs in Thailand, one must meet the minimum requirement of a Bachelor Degree.


Why do we call it a “Special Project?”


TEFL Education offers a unique combination of an internationally recognized Online TESOL course followed by guaranteed ESL placement in China, South Korea and Thailand. This project which is currently running in China ,Thailand and South Korea are best value for money in terms of TESOL training and well-paying TEFL / ESL jobs; Online education is a simple way to learn, get internationally recognized and accredited professional certificate and increase your professionalism by taking up the teaching placement in China or South Korea or Thailand. Thus this project has all the good reasons to be considered as a “Special Project”.
This special TESOL project gives you attractive short term and permanent jobs as TEFL teachers in variety of schools, even after the contract of your special program is over.


Eligibility parameters

Teachers with a Bachelor’s degree or an Associate degree or High school diploma are eligible to take part in our TESOL program with guaranteed ESL placement. All teaching positions are open for native English speakers only, though we will also consider non-native European teachers for teaching positions in China.

Placement process

The placement procedure is simple. You need to enroll into the online TESOL course by sending us your details. After getting started with TESOL online course if you are interested in taking up the teaching positions offered by us in China, South Korea and Thailand, just let us know so that we can start the placement procedure simultaneously.

There will be evaluation of your application by our academic team and telephonic interview will also be conducted before we place you finally. Once you are accepted for the ESL teaching position, we will start immediately the Visa processing and you will also be provided with confirmed date of landing with all the necessary details of your teaching placement.


Let’s take a quick look at the teaching positions in China, South Korea and Thailand.


Salary- Typically, salaries range from 5000-9000 RMB per month in China depending on your educational and professional background. Most of the schools may pay by the hour: your pay depends on how many hours you teach. Pay may be higher if the school doesn't provide housing. Schools provide with return flight fares at the end of the teaching contract.

School types- In China teaching jobs are available in diversified fields ranging from all kinds of kindergarten, primary, secondary, school, college, university, language training schools to Company staffs oral English training jobs.

Job description- English Teachers in China should look forward to a maximum of 20-22 classes per week and their teaching hour should not exceed more than 22 hours. The duration of a class is usually 40-50 minutes depending on the level you will be teaching. A teaching-week stretches from Monday till Friday, usually from 8:00 in the morning till 4:30 or 9.00-5.00 in the evening. Chinese schools do not operate on Chinese National holidays, Saturdays and Sundays. Teachers shall work eight (8) hours per day including lunch hour. In China 8 hours a day working doesn’t mean one has to be teaching throughout the working hours, you many just have to be present in the school, prepare the lesson plans with your Chinese colleagues and help the school in its promotional activities.

South Korea

Salary- Most of the English teaching jobs in South Korea offer 2.0-2.3 Million Korean Won per month. Teachers are provided with free housing and return airfare. Paid vacation of 14-20 days per year, Saturdays, Sundays and Korean national holidays are non-working days. Medical insurance, pension plan, rural allowance and so on. In Korea one can earn great salary along with great lifetime teaching experience.

School types- All our teaching placements in South Korea located in public schools under Govt. run English programs like GEPIK (Gyeonggi province English Program in Korea), EPIK (English Program in Korea) and SOME (Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education).

Job description- All teaching jobs in South Korea last for 1 year. The employee shall work at one of the elementary, middle, or high schools as appointed by the employer. The employee shall work eight hours a day from Monday to Friday, including lunch hour. The employee shall not work on Saturdays and Sundays and on Korean national holidays. The working hours will largely follow the Korean Civil Service norms unless adjusted by the school principal as she/he deems necessary. Schools normally function from 8am till about 4.30pm or 9 am to 5 pm. Public schools in Korea offer a great working environment and are perfect for those who want to get the real Korean experience.


Salary- The average salary in Thailand is 20,000 - 40,000 THB, the average cost of living is 15,000 - 18,000 THB, and vacation time is typically paid. It is necessary to have a degree to get a good ESL job in Thailand as an English teacher having a degree and a TEFL certificate gets about 30,000 THB. However, one important point to be mentioned here is that the salary package is not synonymous in every region of Thailand.

School types- Teachers are placed in widely located schools across Thailand. The institutions where the TESOL trained teachers are assigned are interestingly diversified, ranging from remotely located rural temple schools to the plush, urbane private schools.

Job description- A TESOL trained native English teacher should look forward to a maximum of 24 classes per week involving 20-22 hours of teaching; not repeating a single class twice in a week. The duration of a class is usually 50-60 minutes, depending on the school. A teaching-week stretches from Monday till Friday, usually from 8:00 in the morning till 4:30 in the evening. Two most important duties of the English teachers apart from teaching is attending the morning assembly and making lesson plans for each class. The teachers in Thailand have to follow a strict dressing etiquette as teachers are highly respected in the Thai society.

English being the universal language is the language of business transactions, academic discussions and the language is most widely used as the mean of friendly interactions among the people of different nationalities. The demand for trained ESL teachers is ever increasing. ESL Teaching can be very rewarding, exciting as well as challenging career to be taken up.

Thanks to our fast paced world and our busy life, today every individual is often crushed between his/her professional and personal commitments. Just try and recall how many times actually you have decided to complete your TESOL certification but every time was stopped in order to fulfill other responsibilities in life. And life has only continued to speed up after that and every time you may just think it is difficult to get higher education without compromising on any of your commitments. This is no longer true. Getting an intensive residential TEFL course is something that might not fit into your busy lifestyle, yet, the desire to pursue an advanced Online TESOL training that can facilitate career growth and open up a broader horizon of work in countries like China, South Korea and Thailand, now is just possible through a substantial Online TESOL course conducted by TEFL Education.



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