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Online TEFL Course (ADVANCE)

TEFL Course Online for Teaching English

About Online TESOL Course (Advanced)

TESOL / TEFL Online Certificate course is that it combines online materials study along with materials for home study and online English Teaching Resources and 24 hour help line, notes from some of the worlds leading experts, and this program is presented in conjunctions with academic leader in TESOL world.

Meets or exceeds International Standards

  • A full 60 hour TEFL TESOL Certificate Course

  • Over 10 hours of Teaching Practice: Can be completed at existing job or through an organized internship projects

  • 4 hours of Observed Teaching Practice – sent through VCD or teaching practice certificate of sponsoring school

Internationally recognized
TEFL Education has associates worldwide
Includes inputs from industry heavyweights

The online courses are much more affordable than the onsite course though the course content, evaluation and certification remains the same.

The Online TESOL gives you the option of studying at a time most convenient for you. All materials and matter are either sent to you or is accessible at the click of a mouse, so you do not have to be in class at a given time nor leave school at a fixed time. You are the master and the taught and you decide the most conducive time for your self. However the course should be completed by four months from the time you enroll.

How to get started

You will sign up for this certificate program by contacting us by emailing at You must have access to email to receive and submit materials during your program. Once you designate the self-access program, and pay the required fees, you will be sent by email the initial package of documents, instructions, and study materials.


Course Content
The content of TEFL TESOL Online program (Advanced) is systematically distributed across 5 Phases. The phases cover all those potential areas of teaching which are specialized to upgrade you as an ESL/EFL teacher. This Advanced 60-hour curriculum builds upon the learning of the Introductory 60-hour Program.

Phase 6
Teaching Techniques (advanced)
• Teaching Young Learners
• Adapting Theater
• Adapting Music
• Use of Games and Projects
• Error Correction

Phase 7
English for Specific Purpose

Phase 8
Curriculum and Syllabus design

Phase 9
Teaching Materials
• Development of materials
• Selection and adaptation of textbooks

Phase 10
Computer Assisted Language Learning


Post Program Support

TEFL Education will guide and assist you in finding a TEFL job after you have completed the course. This includes the following support services:

  • Resume/CV preparation

  • Information on likely sources of EFL vacancies

  • Job guidance counseling

  • Job search and application

  • Interview preparation


Course fees and Certification


Foundation TESOL: E-learning teaching only, for $175

  • Online learning

  • Online instructor

  • Assignment and evaluation online

  • Final test online


As you complete each phase there are assignments to be completed and sent online. The tutors evaluate the same and return it to you with necessary feedback. It is a continuous evaluation system without a formal examination at the end of the course. This helps you monitor your progress and clarify any doubts that you may have.

As it may take some time to arrange for all the on-site visits, students, class observations, etc. you should begin the planning process early. Consider the academic schedule in your community and when and how you will make the initial contacts.

If you wish and if you live close to an existing TEFL Education training center in Thailand, you may contact the center director (begin your inquiry with to request permission to visit the site to help you with your initial set-up. However, as this is a self-access program, you are responsible to complete the work independently.

Chat session can be arranged if you have any queries related to the topic/chapter.

You can email your query, which will be answered within 24hrs by your online tutor.

Finally you will receive your TESOL certificate.


You may want to add Foundation TESOL to Advance TESOL and earn your Expert TESOL Certification for more details click here

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